I guess I started actually understanding the English language after reading "Even Cowgirls get the Blues" by Tom Robbins. It turned out part of the reason why I feel drawn to the language, musically even more than to German. There's more to it though, I haven't yet given up on figuring that one out..

In the 90s I spent some years moving between places and countries, trying to figure out what it might be that makes me feel most alive, what it is that I want to keep doing after I found it. I didn’t find anything that kept me, but that moving around was my escape from boredom. I felt stuck with everything and everyone after some time and it took me a while to admit to myself that in my case music was the only thing worth pursuing, which is what I've been doing ever since returning to Berlin in the early 2000s.

My travelling years included some time of roaming the United States. And when being asked where my affinity to music and English language comes from, I sometimes feel inclined to refer to, apart from reading Tom Robbins, the US. For the language, that is certainly true. As for music though, who knows. Growing up in a family of classic musicians, one takes in a lot of musicality and understanding for harmonics.

Songwriters teach you how to write songs though. We start becoming ourselves by imitating people we admire. So I did, bought all Beatles records on vinyl and easily fell for other giants, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Crowded House, and later people like Ron Sexsmith, Wilco, Gillian Welsh, Dan Bern, Jackson Browne, Gordon Lightfoot .. most of all it’s their incredibly powerful, melody laden song writing that gets to me, that moved me before I ever started my travels.